Dental implants are used to replace the roots of a tooth. Once a root is replaced with an implant the “tooth” is restored using common dentistry techniques such as crowns. A newer form of cosmetic dentistry, implants are becoming widely recognized and used for both functionality and aesthetics. Due to the surgical nature of this procedure, candidacy must be determined prior to the procedure.



Bones, in general, need stimulation to maintain proper density, strength and performance. When a bone is not stimulated, it begins to deteriorate. In the case with a missing tooth, the bones (alveolar and basal) below the missing tooth are compromised, causing resorption—the process by which the surrounding tissue and bone dissolve. In the case of many missing teeth, the bone structure is altered through resorption, changing the profile of the face and making it significantly harder to regain healthy, full mouth function. Dental implants are the only solution to this problem.

Dental implants are typically fashioned from titanium. Titanium, being lightweight, durable and biocompatible, is not rejected by the body and, once inserted into the bone, has a greater ability to fuse with the surrounding bone and tissue. Because implants are attached to the bone in this way, they act as a root, stimulating and stabilizing the jaw bone, and not only preventing loss but supporting the structures of the mouth and face. This fact, alone, makes implants one of the most sought after cosmetic and restorative dental procedures available.

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Once the implant is in place, a temporary abutment (an appliance used to join the implant and the replacement crown) is attached to the implant throughout the healing phase, usually 6 to 12 weeks. After this period, a permanent abutment is used and a replacement crown is fastened to the abutment, effectively recreating the look and feel of an original tooth. Implants can also be used to replace multiple teeth (bridges) or even entire rows of teeth (dentures), but using multiple implants to secure either accessory.

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